Soul Traveler Vlog #6: Anger

Today, Kim and I talk about Anger.  Why does it seem like everyone is so angry nowadays?  Why are we angry?  What can we do to reduce our anger?

Soul Traveler Vlog #6: Top 10 Dramatic Movies

Welcome to the 6th episode of the Soul Traveler Video Blog. Kim Nicholas is recovering from surgery so this is a video we did a couple of weeks ago. Please list your Top 10 Dramatic Movies in the comments below. We will respond with comments of our own. We will be back soon with a new Facebook Live episode of the Soul Traveler Video Blog. Thanks for watching and please share this with your friends and family so we can see what their favorites are too!

Soul Traveler Vlog #5: Top 10 Comedy Movies

Kim and Tim list their favorite comedy movies of all-time. Post your list as well. We want to know which films you agree with on our lists and which films you feel should be recognized as classic movies.

Soul Traveler Vlog #4: Change vs Staying the Same

Kim and I talk about how men typically don't want a woman to change when they enter a relationship whereas women like to at least tweak a man in an effort to improve who he is. Feel free to leave your comments and questions and share this video with your friends and family!


Soul Traveler Vlog #3: Jealousy

Kim and Tim talk about Jealousy.  Have you been in a relationship where jealousy was a major issue?  Was your partner trying to control you?  How did you get out of that situation?  How did this affect you in your other relationships?  Were you the jealous one in the relationship?  Why were you jealous?  Was there a valid reason to be jealous?  Post your thoughts and we will respond.