The Holy Fire, Lake Elsinore, California

Many western states suffer through massive wildfires during the summer months.  The Holy Fire, which has been raging near Lake Elsinore, CA for weeks is one of the smaller fires in CA.  Fires in the northern portion of California have set records for size and destruction.  Many of last year’s fires were ferocious in their speed and destruction.  People around the world who saw this video will never forget the feeling of doom associated with the drivers on the freeway just trying to get to work safely. 

Lake Elsionre Fire-35.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-45.jpg

Planes bring much needed water to douse the flames from above.  

Lake Elsionre Fire-4.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-6.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-8.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-11.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-29.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-14.jpg

Thankfully, the 2018 fires in southern California have been nowhere near as devastating as the 2017 version.  (Northern California has not been as lucky.)  Lake Elsinore is in southern California just east of Orange County and north of San Diego County.  Here is some information about the history of Lake Elsinore. 

Here is the city website updating the status of the fire.

Lake Elsionre Fire-39.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-40.jpg

I took these pictures and video on Saturday, 8/11/18.  The Holy Fire is much more contained at this time.  Residents who evacuated are being encouraged to return.  Hopefully the winds will stay calm so that the firefighters can finish the job. 

Lake Elsionre Fire-43.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-46.jpg

These pictures were taken from Route 15 in Temescal Valley.  Helicopters were picking up water from small lakes near the highway to try to get the fire under control.  Notice the real estate sign.  Location, location, location!

Lake Elsionre Fire-48.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-51.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-52.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-54.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-56.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-57.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-59.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-61.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-63.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-65.jpg
Lake Elsionre Fire-66.jpg

Have you visited Lake Elsinore?  What was your experience like?  Please post your thoughts, comments and questions below.